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subaruWelcome to St. Louis Subaru, the home of dedicated Subaru enthusiasts from the Gateway to the West. Please feel free to browse the store, peruse the forums and contribute your opinion or knowledge to the message boards. Whether you’re a current or former owner or just a fan of boxer engines, we appreciate your company and are happy to have you.

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STLsubaru is a gathering place for all manner of Subaru enthusiasts. While the site provides a wealth of resources for Subaru owners and fans, its members are its greatest asset, and you are strongly encouraged to take part in what is one of the most dedicated groups of car nuts on the web, and there are a number of ways in which you can get involved. STLsubaru is on Twitter, and by following, you can be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date Subaru news. The forums provide an excellent resource for those who want to learn and those who are able to teach. subaruBy joining, you can learn more about your car and use the sounding board for your future plans to get opinions and sponsor discussion. Finally, the site frequently hosts meets, where you can get up out your desk chair, and back into the driver’s seat, which, let’s be honest, is where Subaru enthusiasts want to be. By attending meets, you’ll be able to meet with like-minded Subaru enthusiasts and contribute to a growing community of dedicated fans.

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